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Wiring Harness and Control Box - Design, Prototype and Manufacture

Our core business is short and long run manufacture of commercial, military, and aerospace specification cable/wiring harnesses and control boxes. Our customers require electronic systems to perform in the most extreme environments, from the inside of rock crushing machinery, to mechanised-harvesting forestry equipment, to aviation and spacecraft control systems. As a manufacturing partner we can either build plug-and-play parts to specification,  or build and assemble the wiring looms directly into your products.


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What we do


Electrical Wiring Harnesses

Every day, wiring harnesses leave our manufacturing facility destined to customers all over the world who rely on us to meet their own production schedules. We participate in electronic Kanban systems holding stock of bespoke customer parts in both complete and partial stages of production. We carry many types of common wire, pins, connectors, sleeving and heat-shrink, and we have the capacity to build prototype/bespoke wiring solutions to specification - with quick turnaround.

Military Specification

Where durability, flexibility and reliability is concerned, using the best raw products will always deliver a better end result. Our team is fully trained and tooled to work with military/aviation spec wire, connectors and other wiring accessories. We often use the benefits this technology brings to efficiently solve problems in the commercial sector.

Quality Assured

For every product we work with we are equipped with suitable diagnostic/test equipment, and every single product is thoroughly tested before leaving our facility. We have automated wiring harness testing equipment which can be programmed to load/test cables in "real world" conditions and we can supply serialised test certification as required.


Control Panels/Boxes

We assemble, wire and test control systems for a wide range of machinery and vehicles. These can range from simple key switch assemblies to complex cabinets full of DIN rail mounted equipment. We can both print labels directly on heat shrink and laser mark wire ensuring complex systems remain serviceable, and can provide full test certificates as part of the manufacturing process.

Turn-Key Service

We work with a broad range of partners and suppliers and can coordinate more than just the electrical wiring of control systems if required - enclosures can be custom built, CNC machined, engraved, painted, and stickers procured/applied as required.

Wiring Modification / Re-work / Repair

We understand situations and specifications can change and companies can suddenly be left with an inventory of parts which are no longer fit for purpose, or a wiring harness may be damaged for which spares are no longer readily available. We have experience with many types of modification or re-work: converting wiring looms between revisions, changing connectors or pin layouts, adding additional protective sleeving or shielding, and repairing wiring harnesses either damaged in the field or incorrectly manufactured elsewhere.

Creative Solutions

Our team is often tasked with finding solutions design issues affecting wiring harnesses where it is not possible to fix the root cause of the problem. We can often substitute materials or manufacturing techniques to allow wiring harnesses to bend and twist in ways not thought possible, or continue to perform in the most challenging environments.

Laser Wire Marking

We own and operate some of the few laser wire marking machines located in New Zealand. As well as using them in the manufacture of complete products we offer laser wire marking as a service to the wider aviation and electronic manufacturing industry. We can mark both commercial and military wire, including cutting to length and stripping if required. We are happy to either supply marked wire or to laser mark spooled wire as provided.

Design / Prototyping

There is a big difference between what is needed to build a prototype product and what is needed to make thousands of units which will stand the test of time in the field. Our team has many combined years of experience in production engineering of electronic systems and are perfectly placed to assist in requirements analysis, product selection, design/drawings, bill of materials optimisation and supply chain development. 


How we work

We’re all about teamwork, preferring to work with you rather than for you. We make sure the product we deliver will meet your manufacturing needs from both an engineering and supply chain perspective
— Johan Swanepoel - DIrector



Our customers trust us with the success or failure of the electronic systems in their products. We recognise the systems we build have to work - in the case of key safety and control systems, lives are at stake if malfunctions occur. If we don't think something will work, we won't build it, it's simple as that.

We've been doing this for almost 30 years

We started out overseas as specialists manufacturing wiring harnesses for military vehicles. Since relocating to New Zealand over a decade ago, we have been successfully applying those skills and technologies to solving problems for the commercial sector. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand, but ship to customers all over the world.


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